Market size

If you have the cash flow to invest €395 a month for the next 5-6 months, at which point your new Spanish website will be out of its honeymoon period and generating turnover and established online with our effective management and development of your Spanish language websites SEO and online presence. It only takes about 20-30 days for us to set up and complete the task of going fully functional and live so you can proceed to enter, and establish your position in the Many and Massive Spanish Markets around the world. There are 46 millions Spanish Speakers online in Europe and 420 million Spanish Speakers online World wide, and Spanish is used in 22 Countries/Territories totaling 540 million people. Again this is just from one new language website that we run every part of for you, while working with you building a partnership in order to protect your brand and reputation and generate profits for all parties involved.

As mentioned on our Subscription Service page, here’s a quick reminder of the market numbers immediately available to you for using our Spanish and Catalan language eCommerce website management service.

Spanish and Catalan online Euro zone Market numbers breakdown – 2015 statistics
Spanish speakers online in Spain 35.6 million
Spanish speakers online in Euro zone, outside of Spain 10.8 million
Catalan speakers online 6 million
Total Spanish and Catalan online Market 52.4 million
Total number of Facebook accounts in Spain 22 million
Spanish covers 22 countries with 540 million